Contractual Audit


We help our clients for due diligence exercises within the contractual framework to enable them to find out, check and certify information coming from or intended for third parties.


Due diligence

Our cabinet carries out "due diligences" before taking holdings in or issuing shares for SME. This means that we assess the financial, fiscal, corporate and legal risks of target companies and audit their financial statements. We work together or on a one-off basis with law firms on one or more due diligence stages: diagnosis, positioning, risk, valuation level.


Special audit missions

We provide our experience and know-how in the following domains:


  • Request for technical consultation on the application of an accounting method

  • Interim review or limited audit for feedback (subsidiary, stake-holding) 

  • Certification on financial information to obtain financing, subsidies or auditing European research contracts

Specific Group requests

Nous intervenons également pour répondre à des attentes spécifiques ou obligations envers les actionnaires, à savoir :

  • English certification or a translation of our reports, presentation of accounts in US GAAP format

  • Following the audit instructions of a group, the reporting certification, etc.

  • Audit of consolidated accounts (CRC 99-02, IFRS) and of listed companies' publications 

We also undertake this work for clients for which we are the statutory auditors in the scope defined by the account certification processes (DDL standards).

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